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“Honey from the Rock"

The message of Deuteronomy for today

What has Deuteronomy to do with Jesus? Why does Jesus quote from Deuteronomy more than any other book? How does Deuteronomy relate to the rest of the Bible? What is the place of the law in the life of the Christian? How should Christians read Old Testament laws? What about commands to slaughter the Canaanites?  How do God's dealings with Israel relate to his plans for the world? Deuteronomy is perhaps the central Old Testament book. It shaped the world that Jesus lived in. And it speaks powerfully to the church today. Join us as we explore Deuteronomy's key messages and hear its claims.

James Robson has been Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries (which runs the 143-year-old Keswick Convention) since 2016. Previously he taught students training for ministry at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford and at Oak Hill College, London. He has also worked in local church ministry and had a stint working with IBM. His undergraduate degree was in Experimental Psychology from Oxford. He is married to Bridget, and has two adult daughters. He enjoys golf, mountain-biking, hill-walking, growing vegetables and armchair cricket.

The weekend will be held at Denham Grove, nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire, surrounded by a peaceful countryside setting and 42 acres of pristine parkland, complete with gym and pool. We’ll be staying in a variety of rooms with towels and linen included in both.

This is an excellent opportunity to bond as a church family, whether that’s over a countryside walk, a football game, a cup of tea or sharing a meal together. Don’t miss out!


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