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Our next Grace Church Weekend Away is on 12-14 May 2017 at Selsdon Park Hotel, and will be led by Nigel Styles on the book of Daniel. Nigel was a musician and actor in a previous life, and has been in church leadership for many years, most recently as Senior Minister of Emmanuel Church, Nottingham. He is really enthusiastic to hear the Bible taught well, and loves watching its impact in people’s lives. He’s married to Lizzie with six children aged 16 to 36, loves theatre and contemporary fiction and wishes he’d been a Blue Peter presenter. But meanwhile, since 2016, he has been Director of the Cornhill Training Course, a ministry of the Proclamation Trust in London, training people to teach the Bible.


In 1989, the Berlin wall came down.  In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed.  By the end of the millennium, totalitarianism was over. And then it all began again.

Just like in the book of Daniel.  

One nation had become the world’s superpower, imposing its language, common set of values, list of approved deities and national educational curriculum.  It sounded ridiculous to claim that Israel’s God rules when he had allowed such anti-God sentiment to march all over his people and his promises.  And it was foolhardy to try to persist in being loyal to him in the public arena where ‘we don’t do God’.  You must submit to survive. Unless there is some other reality …

In several sessions over one weekend, we’ll check our view of reality against the Bible’s.  Come and hear from Nigel Styles on how the book of Daniel will help us live boldly in a hostile world.